Contract for Limousine Service

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Please read and review the terms of rental below.  All contract fields marked with * are required to submit a contract.


$100 non-refundable deposit is required for all rentals.

All limousine rentals must be paid in full before the run begins.

A fee of $50 will be charged for checks returned by the bank.

Cash/credit card payment for non-scheduled overtime must be received at start of over limit period.  We do not bill in increments of minutes.  You are given a 15 minute grace period.  After 15 minutes, you will be charged for another hour.  For example: 4 hours and 16 minutes would be billed as 5 hours.  These charges will be automatically added to your credit card unless other arrangements were made ahead of time.

For a daytime event, there may be an evening event preventing use of the limo past a certain time.  Please determine this ahead of time and make your plans accordingly.  Be sure to allow enough time for your occasion.  In some cases, there will be another event booked after yours is scheduled to end.  If you think you might need more time, take this into consideration at the time of booking.  These events have a way of taking a lot more time than you think.  Keep in mind, our car drives slower than yours.

Cleaning Fees:

There is a $100 cleaning fee for any cleaning beyond normal use.  This would include large spills, excessive trash, or excessive dirt and mud.

There is a $150 cleaning fee if the car must be cleaned due to someone getting sick in car.

There is a $10 charge for each broken or missing glass.

Limousine and Arrival Location:

If the arrival of the car is a surprise,  be sure to indicate that when giving directions.

Be sure to give very detailed directions and a map or sketch of where the limousine needs to go.

We request that you call and reconfirm the times and addresses 48 hours before the event.  It may be difficult to make time changes less than 24 hours beforehand.

If you want the limousine parked at a particular place, (such as a church, reception facility, etc.) please make sure that space is reserved.


We recommend that the maximum amount of people per car is as follows: Black H2 (16-18 people), White H2 (18-20 people), Party Bus (20-24 people). These numbers are based on the manufacturer recommendations and vary depending on the size of the people in your party.

Make sure nothing is left in the car at the end of the event.  This is your responsibility and we will accept absolutely no liability for anything you may have left behind.

Decorating the cars with any window paint is not allowed.  Other decorations are left up to the discretion of the driver.

You are financially responsible for any physical damage done to the car by you or your guests.

Refund policy:  (Broken engagement, etc.) $100 cancellation fee—anytime. With 121-180 days notice, 75% of balance (less cancellation fee) will be returned. With 61-120 days notice, 50% (less cancellation fee) will be returned.  Less than 60 days notice, no refund.

The limos may not be able to pick you up in your driveway or other tight areas depending on room and traffic flow.  Our drivers will try to accommodate, but they will not risk damage to yourself or the car.

The driver’s primary responsibility is to transport you safely.  Also, it is to safeguard the car.  Do not ask him to do anything that would require him to leave the car.  The car will never be left unattended.

Possession or use of illegal drugs by anyone is prohibited in the car.  If the driver observes drugs, he will pull the car off the road, and you and your guests (along with the drugs) must exit the car at once.  In this event you will receive no refund.

Underage drinking is strictly prohibited.  If this occurs, the ride will be terminated immediately and no refund will be given.

Smoking in the car is prohibited.  The driver will gladly pull over for you, if you request, so you can smoke outside the car.

In the sole judgment of the driver, if he determines that the behavior of you or your guests is out of control, unsafe, illegal, dangerous or irresponsible to lives and/or property, he may terminate the run and order all occupants out of the car.  He may or may not issue a warning before taking such action.  If this happens, you will not receive a refund.

You may mail balance due payment by check or money order (Lily's Limos, 8957 Ottogan Street, Holland, MI 49423), call us with a credit card (616-218-0005), or submit your credit card information below